City of Gold Slots

City of Gold Slots

City of Gold is one of the great new slot games from Wager Gaming Technology, the same platform that brought us such classics as Admiral's Inn and Blue Lagoon. You will find City of Gold Slots at Liberty Slots Casino. Like all Wager Gaming slot games, City of Gold Slots is a smooth working and easy to use five reel slot game.

Some online casinos categorize this game as a Bonus Slot Machine, while others do not. The only bonus round on this game is a fifteen spin bonus round and there is no side game involved which is the reason for the discrepancy in identifying the style of game.

Symbols of Gold

In addition to the typical higher card suits from 10 through Ace, City of gold employs a number of Aztec themed symbols in play. Gold Masks, Aztec Necklaces, South American Frogs and Jungle plants all make appearances as symbols in City of Gold, as well as a fancy Aztec Archway and Aztec Pyramid Temple.

The Temple is the big bucks symbol on this game, serving as a wild card in any combination except the scatter. When the temple comes into play, it goes from its static, pastoral daytime scene to a colorful night scene. When five temples turn up on any of the 25 pay lines, the big jackpot comes up.

The Archway is the scatter symbol on City of Gold, and when three or more of them turn up on the play field the player is rewarded with 15 free spins.

A great and unusual feature of City of Gold is a secondary jackpot. When five masks show up on a payline the player is rewarded with a smaller yet impressive jackpot.

Treasure in the City of Gold

Coin values are definable by the player in City of Gold. Values start at 1¢ and range up to $10. With 25 pay lines, that makes the maximum bet per spin $250. Players can, of course, play a single pay line for a penny per spin, but they can play all 25 lines for as little as a quarter per spin. As a result, this game is appealing to all levels of player from the casual to the serious high rollers.

The big jackpot on City of gold, when five Temples come up on any of the 25 pay lines, is 6000 coins. At the 1¢ coin value that comes to a tidy $60 jackpot but at the $10 coin value, the maximum prize is awarded in the amount of a princely $60,000!

The secondary jackpot is an also generous 3000 coins with a value between $30 and $30,000.

Automation in the City

As a Wager Gaming game, City of Gold offers some very nice features. Notably it has an auto-play function wherein players may set the game to spin automatically up to 500 times. The best part of this auto-play feature is that players may set the speed of the spins. If a player wants to examine the results of each spin briefly, he or she may slow the spins down to two seconds between each one. If they just want to blow through it as quickly as possible, the players have the option of speeding the spins up to a quarter of a second between.

Give City of Gold a Try

City of Gold is a basic machine with no ornate side games and with limited animations. Except in the Free Spin round, there is no music - the only sounds are those of a slot machine, done in a nice, unobtrusive manner that sets a nice background for an evening of gambling. It is, nonetheless, a very solid and believable game that will draw serious slot players in.

Head over to your favorite Vegas Technology casino tonight and try City of Gold for a while! If you are like us, you will find that you are having a fun filled evening of slot gaming and the hours are sliding by without you even realizing it.