King Tut's Treasure Slots

King Tut's Treasure Slots

Three reels and a single payline is what King Tut's Treasure has to offer. This game is one of the excellent collection of traditional slot games offered by Wager Gaming Technology, and, like all Wager Gaming games, it is great looking and great playing. Because of its traditional style, it is highly reminiscent of games that were found in places like Las Vegas and Reno in the 1950s and 60s. The beauty of this type of slot game is in its elegant simplicity.

The King's Image

When first logging onto King Tut's Treasure, the player will discover a royal tomb filled with treasure as the backdrop. The top center of the screen is dominated by the paytable which is, as is typical on traditional style slot games, permanently fixed in that position for quick reference. Rather than authentically Egyptian this game has a look that is more authentically Vegas, but it is a handsome game nonetheless.

Tut's Hieroglyphs

The symbols used in King Tut's Treasure are those of ancient Egypt. At the low end there are Camels, Ankhs, Scarab Beetles and Oases. On the higher end, there is the Eye of Horus, the Sphinx, the Pyramid and King Tut's Royal Mask.

As a traditional game, there is not a lot to decipher. A single Camel appearing anywhere on the payline rewards the player with double his or her bet back. The Mask serves as a wildcard, replacing any other symbol in any winning combinations, and if three Masks show up on the payline the big jackpot is hit.

Treasures of the King

The coin values on King Tut's Treasures may be established by the player to values ranging from 10¢ up to $10. Up to three coins may be bid per spin, so the maximum bet is $30, making this game most appealing to those who are seeking anything from a low amount of risk up to a moderate level. True high-rollers will want to seek out games that have higher limits than King Tut's Treasure.

Payouts range up to 2000 coins, or $20,000 if playing at the $10 coin level. Even when playing dimes, the maximum payout is a tidy $200, which will not disappoint anyone.

Play With the King Tonight!

As we have come to expect from Wager Gaming, King Tut's Treasure is a great looking and perfectly functioning game that will keep fans of traditional slots engaged for hours of fun and excitement. King Tut's Treasure is available at Liberty Slots Casino. So settle in with the King tonight, and play King Tut's Treasure for real money now!