Crazy Cherry

Everything is sweeter with a cherry on top, and slot games don´t come much sweeter than Crazy Cherry!

This fantastic slot is a real sweet treat. For those of you who love the classic 3 reel slot and a traditional look to the game, you are in for hours on end of Crazy Cheery fun. Brought to you by the guys over at Wager Gaming, this slot is so simple to play and understand. With colorful and well designed graphics, great sound effects, and a single payline, this is the perfect game for the classic style slot players. Whether you are brand new to online slots or an hold hand, Crazy Cherry is a great choice, bringing old style Vegas straight to you computer. So get those taste buds ready, click on that download now button and prepare yourself for the sublime taste of Crazy Cherry!

So simple yet so Tasty!

Crazy Cherry has just the one payline , no bonus rounds and no freespins. However there is a wild symbol which is the Crazy Cherry logo, and this helps you complete any winning line. There are a whopping nine possible winning combinations and when you take into account that this is a simple 3 reel slot, that is not bad at all. The symbols are what you would expect from a classic style slot, Bars, 7´s and of course cherries. The jackpot on this game is a sweet $5000, and to achieve this you will need to be playing the maximum 5 coins per spin. Build yourself up to that and start off with 1 coin a spin, when you have the hang of the game boost it up to 5 coins and go for the big win. It won´t take you long to master this easy to play slot and you will enjoy every minute while doing it.

Have a bite of the Cherry and relish that super sweet taste!

The beauty of this well designed game is in its simplicity, ok, there are no dazzling features, bonus rounds or freespins but that´s really not what this slot is about. It´s simply about bringing it all back to basics, and it does that job so well. It´s so easy to play and understand but so much fun at the same time. This is a superb slot so take a nibble of the Crazy Cherry and let your slot loving taste buds enjoy the fun!