Global Cup Soccer Slots

With the world anticipating June 2010's World Cup of Soccer, Rival has released this great traditional slot game, Global Cup Soccer. This traditional three-coin, three-reel slot game is filled with images of world flags and soccer, primed to please the soccer fan's cravings.

Global Cup Symbols

As a traditional three-reeler, the symbols are those of the old-style machines, including single, double and triple bars. In addition to those, there are Silver, Bronze and gold trophies, a soccer ball and the referee. Three soccer balls win the player 200 to 600 coins, depending on how many coins were bet on that play, and they also act as a sort of scatter symbol. A single soccer ball wins the player's bet back, and two soccer balls get five times the bet back, either of which will extend play nicely.

Global Cup Play

As with all online slot games Global Cup Soccer allows the player to determine the coin values. The coins played may range from 1¢ all the way up to $5. Additionally, players may play one, two or three coins per spin, all on the single payline. As a result, this game may be played betting anywhere from 1¢ to $15 per spin. Unlike multi-line machines, the odds to not decrease when fewer coins are played - the only change is the quantity of the payout.

Global Cup Rewards

Three Referees in a row win the big jackpot. If playing three coins per spin, that will win the player 2500 coins or, if playing $5 coin values, $12,500! That is a princely jackpot for an old-style three reel machine. Even when playing more modest denominations, the 2500 coin jackpot is alluring.

Some of the lower level winnings include three soccer balls in a row winning 600 coins and three Gold Trophies in a row garnering 300 coins. Among the other combinations are three of any trophy for 30 coins, but if players get one of each trophy, a 3x multiplier kicks in, making it worth 90 coins. And if they are ordered Gold, Silver and Bronze, a 5x multiplier makes it worth 150 coins!

Great Old-style Entertainment

For players who long for the old-style fruit machines and who prefer that their gambling games not include complex side-games, this is a very nice new option. Also for those devoted soccer fans among us, this is a great way to get the juices flowing in preparation for The World Cup.

So, go put on your team jersey, grab a nice, icy-cold beverage, and head over to your favorite Rival property and spend some time spinning the reels on Global Cup Soccer tonight!